Spruce wood is very soft and has a light, yellowish coloring.

It is a solid, light weighted wood that makes sawing, planing and rasping very easy. Thanks to these properties the wood is ideal for use as building and construction material.

High quality spruce wood is often used for ships and panels.


Pine wood has a prominent, red coloring.

It is even more solid and heavier than spruce wood and also serves as an important building and construction material. In house building pine wood is mostly used for rooftops, windows, doors, etc. It is also popular for its usage as wood materials like wood chipboards.

High quality pine wood is commonly utilized for kitchen furniture.


Beech wood features a yellow-reddish color and is very hard and solid.

Due to its noble, but robust surface it is used for furniture, especially for chairs. Parquets and staircases utilize beech wood as well, because of its hardness.

It also serves as packaging material and for pallets.


Oak wood has a light, brownish color.

The wood is very hard and has a long lifespan. It is resistant against environmental influences, while still being easy to process. Thanks to the robustness of oak wood it is frequently used for parquets and doors too.

High quality oak wood is common in furniture production.

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Eurowood offers you a wide variety of superb German lumber, processed by the renowned Klausner Group. Custom shapes & sizes can be applied to our lumber to suit your preferences. Our delivery service will ship your goods safely and swiftly to all over the world.