We are specialized in trading with North Africa. Long-standing tradition & experience in this market places us ahead of our competitors. We maintain a very good reputation in this Region, with a long list of satisfied customers.

German high-quality lumber, processed by the renowned Klausner GmbH, is transported to the Port of Brake. From there, it is shipped to several Northern African ports, e.g.: Casablanca, Mostaganem, Bejaia and Misurata.

In 2013, we exported over 100.000 m3 of Wood.

Algeria is our most important export market, accounting for 70% of our delivery volume. Further important countries are:

Morocco: 10%
Libya: 10%
Tunisia: 5%
Egypt: 5%

Who we are...

...experts in the trade of lumber.


Eurowood was established in 2010. Our business supplies top-quality lumber from Germany. We offer a great variety of shapes and forms. We also carry out orders for custom shapes and sizes.

What we do...

...delivering the finest lumber to you.


Eurowood offers you a wide variety of superb German lumber, processed by the renowned Klausner Group. Custom shapes & sizes can be applied to our lumber to suit your preferences. Our delivery service will ship your goods safely and swiftly to all over the world.